Linkedin Training

Using LinkedIn’s Blog Pages to Promote a Business

Considered the world’s largest professional connection website, LinkedIn offers its users a unique way to interact with one another based on career interests, industrial employment and professional activities. Most of its users rely on the platform to help to connect them with like-minded individuals, particularly those that they work with – or have worked for in the past, but the best way to achieve results is to get some professional Linkedin training to really make the most of the platform.

The platform itself used to be dedicated to connecting individuals across a range of careers, but in an effort to keep up with the times, the website has since undergone extensive changes to enable those that are signed up to promote themselves, their business and the types of services that they have to offer. One of these advertisement options is via the LinkedIn blog page.

What is a LinkedIn blog?

The simplest way to describe this type of advertisement is by saying that it’s a dedicated blog that automatically updates every time someone creates a new blog post. These posts could be about absolutely anything and plenty of users consider this aspect their opportunity to discuss the things that interest them most.

But with careful consideration and planning, this global marketing opportunity could be used to promote a business without a single fee involved. With RSS implementation for each post, as well as a host of advanced and often technical features and functions – a business could undertake their marketing efforts by creating unique blog posts that can A) appeal to a target audience and B) maximise the reach of the topic in question – which could be products or services.

How to take advantage of the blog system

There are literally millions of users that rely on LinkedIn marketing solutions to help them to reach a wider audience and of this amount, tens of thousands make a point of creating blog posts every week. This is one of the reasons why some people attempt to create exciting, compelling blogs – only to find that their efforts disappear in a mass of updates.

Thanks to LinkedIn’s target customisation features however, it is now possible to create posts that appeal directly to a list of connections, or even a particular market. Although technical in nature, the ability to create tags, undertake keyword research and perform a host of activities to maximise the visibility of a post can be very beneficial.

This is one of the reasons why many people undergo training that is specifically suited to targeting LinkedIn’s user base. With the knowledge and expertise required to target connections, markets and audiences around the world the potential to promote will be even more substantial – with many businesses investing dozens of hours a week into creating captivating, appealing blog posts that can help them to maximise their reach and conversion rate.

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