Reputation Management Marketing

Online Reputation Management And Marketing,

Online reputation management and reputation marketing — is a way to combine the power of many online content, distribution and social channels to boost a companies reputation on the Internet.

The selective posting of supportive articles on relevant web sites so that this content “pushes down” any bad comments on search results as well as overshadowing any bad content and comments in the social networks.

Publication of fake reviews is illegal and bad. But honest (White Hat) legitimate ORM is not. Think of it like this: would you rather lose most of your prospective clients because of a negative online review posted by one unsatisfied customer?

Would you prefer to that your potential customers see a more represetative view of things? Isn’t it better that more supportive and positive feedback appears first so that they can at least give your business a try? Oline reputation management (reputation marketing) means bringing to light the positive factors of your company and stopping it from suffering from the effects of a single bad review or testimonial.

It’s important to know that you will not be mis-representing your prospects: You are not publishing fake reviews just honest testimonials.

You are educating your potential clients on what satisfied customers feel are the positive elements of your company.

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